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The Cervantes Pinnacles Motel is ideally located to use as a base to view the attractions and sites in the Nambung National Park. However, Cervantes also offers a wide range of other attractions.

Cervantes itself, located on Australia’s Coral Coast, is a destination for refreshing and rejuvenating holidays. There are many beautiful places to visit while in Cervantes. Enjoy pristine beaches, soak up the refreshing ocean breeze ready for you to produce a tasty meal from the day’s catch.

Things to Do in Cervantes is our guide to local tours and attractions. Discover the magnificent West Australian wildflowers in their natural environment (In Season August – October).


We highly recommend this fantastic new service in Cervantes. Jurien Bay Adventures has everything you need to experience everything that Western Australia has to offer. From high adrenaline activities to exploring the natural wonders, there is something for everyone! Contact them today for more information on everything they have to offer! 


The Lobster Shack provides a close up encounter with the Western Rock Lobster. It offers a chance to watch the lobsters being brought in from the wild by a large fleet of boats, processed in the factory and then packaged up to be sent live to destinations all over the world. The range of tours includes Factory Tour, Sealion Tour, Fishing Tours, Fishing Charters, Lobster Pot Pulling Tours (for corporate and school groups).


Pinnacles Desert covers an area of approximately 190 hectares and is around 60 meters above sea level. It contains thousands of limestone Pinnacles, with some reaching up to 5 meters high. The variation in colours of the Pinnacles against a backdrop of constantly shifting sand dunes creates an eerie landscape of ever changing moods, which is often viewed at its best when the shadows create remarkable patterns and shapes that ripple over the sands at either dawn or sunset. 


The lake is estimated to have been isolated from the sea about 4800 years ago, when sea levels dropped and coastal dunes formed around the Lake. It is one of only a few places in the world with living marine stromatolites, or ‘Living fossils’. They are formed by a species of cyanobacteria, similar to those found in 3500, which are the earliest record of life on Earth. A new walk trail around Lake Thetis has been built and is wheelchair accessible. Pinnacles Edge Resort has some excellent wheelchair accessible accommodation.


The pinnacles dominate tourist guides to the region, but they are only part of this 17,491ha National Park. Beautiful beaches, coastal dune systems and the trees and flowering plants typical of the northern coastal plain are all part of Nambung.



Lesueur is extremely rich in flora and fauna, with over 900 species (about 10% of the state’s known species) of plants, 50+ species of reptiles (the highest lizard diversity of any of the worlds Mediterranean climate ecosystems), and 120+ species of birds.


Australia’s Most Beautiful Beach Skydive is in Jurien Bay just 20 minutes North of Cervantes township. Tandem Skydive over the Turquoise Coast and land on the beach from up to 14,000 feet. For more information or to book please visit their site below


The mid-west is one of the most diverse wildflower areas in the world, with a great burst of colour during spring. Cervantes has a beautiful display of wildflowers every spring, and some great walk trails and maps available from Reception. We have Itineraries and Trail information ready for your arrival.